The Philippine Public Safety College (PPSC) started its ISO Certification journey in 2014 with the strategic shift to adapting a Quality Management System certified under the ISO 9001 Standard. Embarking on this endeavor, the PPSC capacitated its personnel to become members of the Internal Quality Audit (IQA) Team who will conduct the periodic review and audit of the QMS compliance, implementation, and documentation.

Through the years, the IQA Team, under the QMS Committee, had become the primary hand of the management in determining the readiness of the organization for the external quality audit conducted by its certification body. As a process, the internal quality audit is considered an improvement tool. When implemented suitably, this can assist in ensuring the optimal benefits of the QMS since conformity entails consistent monitoring and assessing to meet the requirements of the standard.

Consequently, the IQA can gather information to establish the effectiveness of the organization’s management system. Sustaining the gains for the past six years of being ISO 9001 certified, the PPSC needs to adapt to the new developments prescribed by the governing bodies as part of the agency’s performance indicators and measures. For this year, the organization will embark on a more challenging thrust by pursuing a single QMS certification for the main office and its constituent units. This is a major leap from the previous years of having a separate and distinct scope for its quality management system. PPSC moves towards integration, coherence, and complementation as it sees the need to harmonize and align its processes and procedures to the extent of how it is implemented down the line.

One of the critical efforts toward this goal is the conduct of an internal quality audit. The internal quality audit endeavors to show what areas need improvement and corrective action to mirror the readiness and compliance of the institution concerning the ISO standards. Additionally, this assures that when external validation comes in, it has developed and imbibed a certain degree of confidence that it adheres to the quality management standards. Through this, it is expected that the PPSC and its CUs can better its training and education service delivery and ensure its responsiveness to the requirements of bureaus and allied services that it serves. Further, it affirms how PPSC and its CU will continuously achieve excellence in all aspects of its mandate and in reaching its aspiration as a high-performing organization.