Our core values entrenched in the acronym SERVICE where each letter represents the source of our inner strength; the virtues and character we exemplify; and clearly defines the guiding principles we hold so dear as we pledge never to betray ourselves as we perform our bounden duties in the interest of public service.

The acronym of SERVICE stands for: 


We value a supportive and professional role serve and protect our clientele and the community with sincerity, utmost devotion and dedication above personal interest as we affirm our unconditional service and love for our country and people.


We commit to do and make things happen effectively and efficiently in all our endeavors as we strive to achieve more with tangible results and far exceeding our best consistently and outstandingly.

Responsibility with Accountability

We perform and accomplish our assigned duties and tasks as serving the public with due diligence is our moral obligation and always bearing in mind that we are answerable and duty bound to promote the interest of the public.

Valuing People and Respect for Human Rights

We uphold the dignity of our fellowmen at all times whenever we cater to their needs and be sensitive and cautious as to serve and protect them with compassion and utmost respect for their human rights.


We take an uncompromising and consistent stance to live an honest, upright and dignified life in the performance of our duty in accordance with the highest ethical and moral standards where our advocacy, beliefs and convictions are consistent with our words and actions.


We draw our collective and individual strength of attitude from our moral fortitude to always accept challenging tasks, and bold enough to speak out and stand firm against temptation, anomalies, corruption and exploitation.


We reach out and build bridges of cooperation, nurture volunteerism and work harmoniously together with our clientele by capacitating people in the process for a better and safer community.