The National Jail Management and Penology Training Institute (NJMPTI) serves as the training institution for Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) uniformed personnel. It was initially evolved in the latter part of 1991 which starts with a proposal to create the Jail Management and Penology Institute (JMPI). The committee members who initially conducted the study for JMPI were composed of the newly absorbed personnel from Police Constabulary/Integrated National Police purposely to train the personnel on jail duties. When the BJMP started its recruitment, the initial recommended venue for the first batch of recruits was at the Philippine National Training Command (PNTC), Camp Castaneda, Silang, Cavite on July 29, 1992, while the second batch was held at the former Metro Manila Rehabilitation Center (MMRC) now Metro Manila District Jail (MMDJ) on August 12, 1992 at Bicutan, Taguig City.

On November 4, 1993, the Institute was renamed the Jail Service Training Center (JSTC) and became one of the Constitutive Units of the Philippine Public Safety College (PPSC) which created to assume over-all responsibility for the training, human resource development and continuing education of the tri-bureaus. The training center was temporarily relocated from MMRC to PPSC main campus at Fort Bonifacio, Makati City.

On April 14, 1994 the Jail Service Training Center was again relocated to its new site in Camp BagongDiwa, Bicutan, Taguig City having its own building and facilities.

On July 1996, Jail Service Training Center (JSTC) was changed into Jail National Training Institute (JNTI) still located at Camp BagongDiwa, Bicutan, Taguig City. But the site, though good for JNTI for so many years was not destined to be its final destination.

On May 13, 2003 with the general policy of the PPSC to have its Constitutive Units to be co-located and within proximity with one another, comprehensive ocular inspection of its new site was made, hence, JNTI as it is known today was transferred at Camp Vicente Lim, Calamba City as its present home.



JNTI commits to develop Jail Officers as professionals and effective public servants by instilling them the discipline based on knowledge and respect for human rights, law and order, performance-oriented, and self-reliance precepts and promote in them service professionalism, integrity and nationalism.



Indoctrinate the BJMP uniformed personnel by providing comprehensive training on safekeeping and development of offenders to professionalize jail services.


JNTI Organizational Chart

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Training Programs


Jail Officers Advance Course (JOAC)

This course is designed purposely for the senior ranking commissioned jail officers to enhance their knowledge and skills, and imbibe proper attitudes in performing the duties and responsibilities of senior officer of the organization.Specifically, the program intends to enhance/enrich the students/trainees competence and character to assume higher level of positions in a Regional or National Jail offices, or any other designation appropriate for their rank.


Jail Officers Basic Course (JOBC)

This course is purposely designed to provide jail inspectors with the basic functions and responsibilities of an officer particularly on Jail Management, Administration and Operation. After the course, students/trainees are expected: 1) to internalize the basic principles and functions of jail management and operation to include planning, organizing, directing and controlling; 2) to demonstrate the roles, traits and qualities of a leader and their relationship with their subordinates; 3) to be equipped with the laws, rules and regulations that serve as important tools/weapons for an organized productive jail management.


Jail Officers Orientation Course (JOOC)

This course is intended for a newly appointed Commissioned Officers through lateral entry with the rank of Inspector and Senior Inspector to equip them with the basic knowledge on Officership, Jail Management, Operation and Administration.


Jail Officers Candidate Course (JOCC)

This course is designed substantially to equip the senior non-officer members of the BJMP with the most intricate cognitive knowledge, skills and proper attitude required in performing the duties and responsibilities of a member of the organization with an officer rank. Specifically, the program intends to improve the cognitive knowledge, aptitude and effective faculties of the potential officers to prepare them to assume an officer rank and its corresponding duties and responsibilities.


Jail Senior Leadership Course (JSLC)

The course is designed to equip the senior non-commissioned officers of the BJMP with the knowledge, attitudes, skills, habits and values needed for an effective management and responsible leadership in their respective assignments. After the completion of the course, the students/trainees shall be able to: 1) demonstrate productive and responsive supervisory and leadership qualities and skills; 2) assume greater responsibility for mid-level position; 3) perform with competence the responsibilities required of his/her respective position and assignment.


Jail Junior Leadership Course (JJLC)

This course is essentially designed to equip the junior non-commissioned officers of the BJMP with fundamental knowledge, skills and proper attitude required for team-leading assignments. Specifically, the program intends to instill the leadership potentials of the jail participants to prepare them to assume higher responsibilities within the organization.


Jail Basic Recruit Course (JBRC)

This course is essentially designed to equip and develop the BJMP recruits with knowledge, skills, proper attitude, and discipline required in the performance of duties and responsibilities as public safety officers. After the course, they are expected to demonstrate with proficiency/competence their functions as the frontliners of the organization, manifest self discipline in their behavior, and depict in their words and actions a person with sense of responsibility, selflessness, and moral obligation towards God, country and countrymen.




Course Name   Duration (Month) Entry Requirement
Bachelor of Science in Public Safety 4th Year 1st Semester (JAIL) 6
Bachelor of Science in Public Safety 4th Year 1st Semester 2016 (JAIL) 4
Bachelor of Science in Public Safety 4th Year 2nd Semester 2016 (POLICE, FIRE, JAIL) 4
Jail Basic Recruit Course 4 For newly recruited JO1
Jail Officer Advance Course 3 Jail Senior Inpector
Jail Officer Basic Course 3 Jail Inspector
Jail Officers Candidate Course 4 Senior Jail Officer 4
Jail Officers Orientation Course 1 Qualified Civilian(Lateral Entry)
Public Safety Junior Leadership Course MODIFIED for NJMPTI(JAIL) 2 Jail Officer 2




 No. of Classes No. of Participants
JOAC 1 50
JOBC 1 50
JOOC 1 50
JOCC 1 50
JSLC 3 150
JJLC 3 150
JBRC 15 750
TOTAL 58 750