Institutional Profile

           As the nation's leading service provider for the education and training needs of the police, fire and jail bureaus and taking a step forward to go further beyond its frontiers to help profesionalize other public safety agencies such as the coast guard, drug law enforcement agency, the military's air force and including the airport security personnel, it becomes therefore imperative to have a better understanding about the PPSC services, vis-a-viz, its objective, organization and core functins. 



General Objective

           In the pursuit of its mandate, PPSC aims to develop the spirit of unity, solidarity and teamwork among the uniformed bureaus and services of the DILG in the efficient and effective delivery of public safety services.




Our Institutional Philosophy

       The Philippine Public Safety College is committed to develop a highly ethical, effective and efficient corps of public safety personnel imbued and equipped with knowledge, attitude, skills, habits and values necessary to serve and protect the people.