Composed of academic and non-academic phases.

  • Academic Phase: Composed of subjects and activities relating to a particular discipline or branch of knowledge that involves cognitive learning, such as: Branches of Law, Language, Forensic Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Public Safety Services

     • 1st to 2nd Year-Subjects are anchored on the basic public safety knowledge, skills, competence and qualities of officership.
     • 3rd Year-Focused on the specialization/integration subjects depending on the service the cadets would opt to join after graduation
     • 4th Year-Thesis writing and integrated review of public safety subjects.

  • Non-Academic Phase: Aptitude, Conduct Tactics, Physical Fitness Test



    Designed to develop uniformed personnel proficient in the delivery of the effective public safety services with the highest degree of professionalism and respect for human dignity particularly in the fields of police, fire and jail administration and operation.



   4 years (208 weeks)


Admission Requirements:

  • Passed the Cadetship Qualifying Examination by the PNPA
  • A natural born Filipino citizen
  • Single with no legal obligation to support a child or children
  • 17-22 years old at the time of admission
  • Physically and mentally fit for the cadetship training
  • At least 5'4 (162.5 cm) in height for male and 5'2 (157.5 cm) for female
  • Weight not more than nor less than 5 kilograms of the standards weight measurement corresponding to height, age and sex