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        Regional Training Center (RTC) -2 is located in Cauayan, Isabela. Although established in 1975, it became operational on April 1976, when it conducted the Police Basic Recruit Course as its initial training activity. Its original areas of   coverage were the provinces of Batanes, Cagayan, Ifugao, Isabela, KalingaApayao, Nueva Viscaya and Quirino. However, following its transfer to PPSC in 1993, its areas of coverage were reduced from seven to five provinces, namely,  Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino, Isabela, Cagayan and Batanes, with the provinces of Ifugao and Kalinga Apayao were placed under the jurisdiction of the Cordillera Administrative Region.



The birth of RTC2 dates back on January 24, 1975 with the laying of its firm building foundation. Thereon, its construction was continuous night and day that even weekends were packed with high spirit and determination to meet the scheduled inauguration. Hence, on May 12, 1975 the center was formally inaugurated by then Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile where the event was witnessed by some top ranked personalities of the AFP and some Local Officials in the region. RTC2 was constructed through the facilities and resources of the Provincial Government of Isabela under the able leadership of the late Governor Faustino N Dy Sr. It was on April 05, 1976 when the Training Center started its operation with its first batch of trainees, opening Police basic Course Cl Nr 332 with a total number of fifty eight (58) INP members / participants all from region 2, with then P/CAPT DIONISIO COLOMA JR as the Chief Training Officer. The training center then encompasses all members of the Integrated National Police in Region 2 under its jurisdiction over the provinces of Batanes, Cagayan, Ifugao, Isabela, KalingaApayao, Nueva Vizcaya and Quirino. Since then, the institution carried its official tasks and function of conducting basic police training specialized and career courses in the region.

On August 1977, P/CAPT BARTOLOME A MALLILLIN replaced the incumbent Chief Training Officer. Subsequently, equally high-ranking Senior INP Officers served as Commandants for a period of time like; P/MAJ CECILIO M BAUN (July 1989- July 1990) and P/LT COL TEODORO A CRUZ (July 1990-November 1991), respectively.

The Training Center was deactivated on July 01 1990. Due to this predicament, Training Staff were absorbed at Northern Luzon Training Command at Baguio City. Fortunately, on July 20, 1993, the Department of the Interior and Local Government issued Memo Circular Number 93-19 reactivating the center under the umbrella of the Philippine Public Safety College. However, its area of responsibility was reduced to five (5) provinces encompassing Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino, Isabela, Cagayan and Batanes. KalingaApayao and Ifugao were integrated to the Cordillera Autonomous Region (CAR).

The reactivation of this training center brought significant changes and development in as much as PNP professionalization is concerned. Since the center's reactivation, PSUPT ANDRES Z AGSALDA served as Commandant for more than years that was from July 1993 to February 1997. It was followed by PSUPT DANILO G MORALES starting February 1997 to August 1999. PCINSP JAIME C CRUZANA took over and assumed the office on August 16,1999 up to August 2001. Likewise, PSUPT GAVINO A MARZAN served as acting Regional Training Director from August 2001 to June 22, 2004 followed by PSUPT DOMINADOR L TUBON who completed his period up to November 2005. And on November 2005, ATTY. GREGORIO PUA, Police Senior Superintendent (PESE) took the reign for more than five years from November 2005 to February 2011, who likewise introduced great improvements and better changes in consonance with its operation and physical set-up. However, changes is inevitable, so on February 2011 ATTY. PUA turned over his command to PSUPT WILSON D SOLIBA who led this training center for a year from February 2011 to February 2012 who also initiated projects that contributed to the realization of the center's mission and objectives. PSUPT MACARIO FERDINAND E AQUINO, DSC also served for a couple of months subsequent to PSUPT SOLIBA as Officer-In-Charge of this training center from February 2012 to September 2012 who was remembered for his simple way of leading his men by "example".

At present the, RTC2 is under the fresh and competent leadership of a Police Commissioned Officer who started his career as a utility worker, who strive hard, succeeded and eventually made his way up to be the head of this Regional Training Center, PCINSP TELESFORO RODRIGUEZ MALLILLIN. SIR PORONG as fondly called, showed his leadership prowess through his unique style and initiative. Less than a year after his assumption, improvement of vital facilities and constructions of buildings, such as the HON. RANDY S TING BUILDING, FIRING RANGE BLEACHERS (complete with amenities such as air-conditioned room, supply and reloading machine room), PERIMETER FENCE and additional concrete MESSHALL were some of his accomplishments. He was also able to acquire/purchase educational training paraphernalias such as laptops and multi-media projectors for teaching purposes and digital camera for documentation purposes. With these accomplishments for so short time, Sir Porong, still soaring high. He greatly improved the community partnership and linkages with other Government and Non-Government Organizations by providing community service through participation in the Clean and Green Program, BrigadaEskwela, Tree-Planting Activities, Barangay Immersion Program, augmentation during City ad Patronal Fiestas etc. His able leadership has apparently and steadily contributing to the realization of the center's mission of providing quality education and better services to its clientele region-wide to a great extent.. With these significant actions and incessant efforts, RTC2 assures the public that it will continue to strive further become a modernized, improved and upright institution for our diligent law enforcers truly honed in their profession.

The name RTC2 now carries a reverberating sound for its praiseworthy performance for the once silent and least known institution now acclaimed as one of the best training centers PPSC-wide. A real honor and prestige which every element of the organization can be truly proud of. This institution believes that its momentum for progress is going an extra mile. Thus RTC2 will persist to excel especially in delivering quality education and sincere services among its clientele.

However, as of this writing, RTC2 is still located in a portion of land allegedly not yet titled under the name of PPSC. A dilemma which put this center in a continuing condition of uncertainty which sometime hinders it to conduct more constructions and facility development. As claimed, the property occupied by RTC2 is allegedly owned by Mr Pablo Bustamante Sr, the owner of the Bustamante Estate who verbally donated said piece of land to the late Governor Faustino N DySr and had been loaned to PR Bank of Cauayan City. Subsequently, this property was already foreclosed by said bank which Mr Roberto P Alingog, General Manager/Owner of said bank is now the authentic owner of the property. However, still a certain Mr Santos Marcos of Minante II Cauayan City is allegedly in possession of the original certificate of title and is also claiming to be the real owner of the property.

There are various programs and plans that are yet to be instituted at this Training Center hoping that everything will be settled in favor of RTC2 and in the name of the Philippine Public Safety College in general. On July 20, 1993, the DILG thru Memo Circular Nr 93-19 reactivated RTC2 under the umbrella of the PPSC. The first RTD upon its reactivation was PSUPT ANDRES Z AGSALDA, who immediately embarked in designing a logo for RTC2 reflective of its present set up and symbolic of its mission and objective. Since then, this logo was used with pride and served as the center's replica of its stand towards PNP Training, Education and Honor.. --- Info provided by PSUPT ANDRES AGSALDA


On July 20, 1993, the DILG thru Memo Circular Nr 93-19 reactivated RTC2 under the umbrella of the PPSC. The first RTD upon its reactivation was PSUPT ANDRES Z AGSALDA, who immediately embarked in designing a logo for RTC2 reflective of its present set up and symbolic of its mission and objective. Since then, this logo was used with pride and served as the center's replica of its stand towards PNP Training, Education and Honor.. --- Info provided by PSUPT ANDRES AGSALDA

  • Three Circles- containing the encryption Regional Training Center 2 depicts the likeness of a wheel which causes something to move forward so as in providing continuous education and training programs among law enforcers in the region.
  • The Book- signifies wisdom for its recipients within its regional jurisdiction inscribed as the provinces of Batanes, Cagayan, Quirino, Isabela and Nueva Vizcaya.
  • Eight Golden Rays - it depicts that the source of these rays comes from the book which offers great wisdom among its clientele . The rays continuously illuminate the five provinces under its authority and beyond which portray the nationwide service of the Philippine National Police.
  • The Blue Sash- its sky color containing the phrase " DuyanngDiwa" depicts the clear stand of RTC2 in aiming high in all its endeavors.
  • The White Sash- contains "1993" indicates the year of RTC2 reactivation pursuant to DILG Circular No. 93-19 dated 20, 1993.
  • Flame- a numeric figure "2" is formed by a flame and apparently setting light to the map of the entire Region 2. A burning torch is placed above the opened book illustrates the continuous effort of RTC2 in providing quality education and training among its uniformed clientele in the region.
  • Green Leaves of Laurel- the leaves are firmly attached together by the stem which signifies oneness in attaining the missions and visions of the institution.
  • Map- symbolizes the five (5) Provinces in Region 2 consist of Batanes Group of Islands, Cagayan, Quirino, Isabela and Nueva Vizcaya.




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